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  1. How to Remove Malware - Virus in PC

    How to Remove Malware From Your Windows Machine

    The Complete Guide

    Malware Detected

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  2. Are You Being Hacked via Social Engineering?

    How to Hack with Social Engineering

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  3. Make 'IT' Secure: Endpoint Security, APT, DLP, Backup, DR, Remote Connection, Secure VPN, Virtualization, Storage, Cloud & More

    Netop Remote Control Logo

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  4. Panzer IT - Make 'IT' Secure: Adumbration @ Profile

    Mission: Continuous Secure Data Accessibility & Availability

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  5. GData Endpoint Protection Business Products Features Comparison

    GData Multi-Layer Protection

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  6. Appointing Regional/ Area Distributors, VAR, Channel Partners across India

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  7. Uninstall Tool for Common Antivirus Programs

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    Author: Pankaj Jain



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  9. WannaCrypt Ransomware Details And Solution

    An outbreak of the latest version of "WannaCry" has been claiming victims in several countries. The speed and ferocity of the outbreak has taken many by surprise. Researchers are as yet puzzled as to the origin of the outbreak which hit over millions computers in 100+ countries within a week. 

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  10. GData: USB Sticks Could Infect Your Network With New Spora Ransomware Worm

    The new Spora ransomware strain has now been dissected by more malware researchers and the team from G Data discovered that Spora uses an "innovative" way to spread itself via USB sticks. This strain is highly sophisticated and could become the "New Locky".  

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